International Shipments -- Customs Fees Will Be Paid to Customs Office (Not EPP), Before Delivery.

NOTE: Some Countries Have Limited Deliver Service --> 

International Shipping Limitations:
Brazil --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
Chile --> DHL-Fedex-UPS --> Buyer pays Customs Fees to Delivery Company (50%+)
French Guiana --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Greece --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Isreal --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Macau --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
Martinique (France) --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
Mauritius --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Mexico --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Oman --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Reunion --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
Saudi Arabia --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
South Africa --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Turkey --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
United Kingdom --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS (Note: UK Customs Will Charge Import Fee Before Delivery)