Shipping Information

Please check Shipping Section, on the item page, to calculate Shipping Costs and Methods.

Domestic Shipments include USPS First Class, USPS Priority, USPS EMS, Fedex and UPS.

International Shipments include USPS USPS First Class, USPS Priority, USPS EMS, DHL Fedex and UPS.  NOTE: For some countries, we only allow USPS EMS or DHL shipping...

International Shipping Exception List:
Brazil --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
Chile --> DHL-Fedex-UPS --> Buyer pays Customs Fees to Delivery Company (50%+)
French Guiana --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Greece --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Isreal --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Macau --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
Martinique (France) --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
Mauritius --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Mexico --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Oman --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Reunion --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
Saudi Arabia --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
South Africa --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS
Turkey --> DHL-Fedex-UPS
United Kingdom --> USPS EMS-DHL-Fedex-UPS